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Welcome to the Basecamp Business Community Calendar, and thank you for helping to build a national database of regional/local Business, Technology and Bio-Tech Events.

Getting your events on the Basecamp Business Community Calendar is easy, but you must be logged in to submit an event. You can also become an Approved Member for your organization so that you can add events quickly and easily.

We also have specific guidelines for the types of events that belong in the calendar.

The Submission Process

To submit an event for any organization click on the Submit Event button on the Community Calendar page. Please fill out all the information in the form and click Submit. Fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

The event information will then be sent to a Basecamp Business administrator for validation and approval. This process may take up to two business days, so it is important to submit your events early.

Become an Approved Member

If you are a member of an organization, you can get your events into our system even faster. Once we have established your credentials with an organization you can submit events for that organization without Basecamp Business’s approval. Getting your credentials approved is easy, just click here and submit the form. We’ll contact you to confirm your credentials and you’ll be on your way to adding events to our database.


What Belongs in the Community Calendar
The Basecamp Business Community Calendar covers business-related events, with an emphasis on events of interest to entrepreneurial, venture capital, investment, professional, and executive readers. This can include events focused on vertical industries, professions, business functions, business resources, and business and economic environments. The role of an entrepreneur is a broad one, even to encompassing social entrepreneurship and starting and growing not-for-profit organizations.

If the event is focused on the needs and interests of professionals, it probably belongs in the community calendar.

The Basecamp Business Community Calendar is intended to serve not-for-profit agencies, community organizations, affinity groups, associations. For-profit companies who host events may submit calendar events; in the future, Basecamp Business may charge for listing events hosted by for-profit companies, but for now they are welcome to list their events for free.

What Doesn’t Belong in the Community Calendar

The calendar does not cover musical, artistic, or general cultural events, performances, or entertainment. The exception is an artistic or cultural event that serves as the venue for a more focused gathering of a networking group or organization.

The calendar does not accept events from groups who discriminate based on race, creed, sex or sexual orientation, or ethnicity or nationality. Submitting an event does not guarantee that it will be accepted for inclusion in the calendar. Basecamp Business reserves the right to delete or edit calendar listings as it deems appropriate.

Geographic Focus

Currently, the primary focus of the community calendar is on the Philadelphia region, as far west as Harrisburg and as far north as Allentown, all of New Jersey, and northern Delaware.

Events outside this geographic region may be submitted if they are of significant interest to the Basecamp Business community. In the future, Basecamp Business may charge Host Organizations for submitting events outside the core community geography.

Thank you again for supporting a national database of regional/local Business, Technology and Bio-Tech Events.

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