Add This Calendar to Your Site

You can easily add our Calendar Widget on your own website with a low-cost, annual subscription. A few clicks of a mouse to tell us what sorts of events you want to appear on your site, and we'll give you a few lines of code that you can embed into your website. That's all it takes.

  • Easily replaces your current event calendar with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Easily integrates with your current look and feel
  • Choose what types of events people see
    • By subject
    • By organization
    • By geography
  • Highlight your own events, or any other event in the calendar

Why Add the Calendar?

  • Attract new members. Become the place they go to find out about events that might be of interest to them
  • An enhanced benefit for your members and customers.
  • Become a connecting point for the community and customers you serve.
  • Save money. No need to track and enter events from other organizations that are of interest to your community
  • Reach a wider audience with your own events.  Once entered in the Basecamp Business "Event Syndication Network", events will appear in calendars throughout the region.

How Do I Add the Calendar?

Sign up for an annual subscription with us.  Once your account is active, you can add the Calendar Widget immediately.  You describe the width and height you have picked out for the calendar widget on you web page, choose the color scheme and other elements, pick the types of events you want displayed, and we then generate a short script that you can place in the proper place on your web site source code.  The Calendar Widget is immediately active.

Basecamp Business Calendar is retiring. EventUpon is here!

EventUpon is the next generation in Event Technology for Event Discovery and now Event Reviews! Read what others say about events and add your own review. Plus more events and smarter recommendations. Don't waste your time at a lousy event again.

You will be automatically redirected to EventUpon or click here. You can still use your Basecamp login and password.